Thank You Notes - How to make them great :)

It's already time to start thinking about how to thank everyone in your life for all their thoughtfulness and kindness during the holidays. I have just thing that everyone in the family can participate in, photo thank you cards! It's a simple and fun project, here's what you do to get started:

Take pictures of your kiddos in their Christmas PJs opening presents or have them lay down in a pile of torn wrapping paper and take a picture from above. Take pictures of a snowball fight or your little ones building a snowman. Anything where you are laughing or smiling is sure to warm people's hearts when they get this in the mail. Just remember when taking the shot to get enough light and leave some space in the frame for graphics to be added (if possible).

These memories can be tuned into a post card, folded card or flat card in just about any size. All grandma really cares about is that you took the time to say Thank You :) Not to mention, it will be memories you'll be able to keep for a lifetime.

Sounds like a winner? Check it out here and let Icing on the Paper help you out :)


Turn your handwriting into a font

This has got to be one of my favorite things to do when it comes to design! And it's super easy :) To get started, go here: http://www.fontifier.com. All you have to  do is follow the 7 super simple steps on their website and your handwriting will be preserved forever. You can use this for thank yous, holiday newsletters, recipes cards ... really whatever you want. Get creative people!


Twine Love

Here's my newest love for finishing off packages: http://www.thetwinery.com/. There, I said it, now go click and enjoy the fresh colors of twisted twine this site has to offer and drool.

A Lesson in Color

Welcome to Icing on the Paper's first blog post, exciting, I know. I'm Sarah, the curator and creator of all things Icing on the Paper. I know there are tons of blogs out there about stationery, but this is how I'm different - I'll make it super easy to enjoy all the content that I share. From links to simple go-bys and freebies, I hope I can inspire you to add some stationery flare to your life.

Here's my first share: http://www.icingonthepaper.com/ and www.etsy.com/icingonthepaper. You knew that was going to happen didn't you? These are my websites through which I sell my wares. Check them out, they are cool.

Tip of the week: Did you know that your monitor cannot display all the colors you printer can create and vice versa? Color matching from an actual print sample is the best way to get the exact color you want on your printed products. Check out http://www.colorwiki.com/ for way more information and tools on color matching. Don't want to order a color swatch? Then buy this little dude for a big bang: http://www.pantone.com/pages/products/product.aspx?pid=1000&ca=1&s=0. It's an investment but worth every penny if you want to get it right the first time.
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