Tissue Paper Pom Poms

These are so easy to make, have a lot of visual interest and are super cheap! Here's how you make these in 3 easy steps:

1. Take 8 sheets of 20"x30" tissue paper and fold accordion style in 1.5" inch sections.
2. Tie in the center and round or point the edges.
3. Fan out the sheets one layer at a time.


Product Packaging

Here's another creative way to get more out of your custom die cut business cards: use them as product tags or for finishing off product packaging. All you need is some cute twine from The Twinery and a hole punch to get started. Send me your pictures and get a free 10% off coupon!

(Boxes and Die Cut Cards can be purchased in my Etsy store here: www.icingonthepaper.etsy.com)



I have a new flicker feed where I will upload product and project photos :) Add it to your Flipboard for an easy and fast way to get stationery inspiration. Here's the link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/icingonthepaper/


Custom Wedding Maps

An easy solution to finishing off those expensive wedding invitations without breaking the bank. You can customize this map to match your invitations in any way you see fit. One awesome customer is making a map with locations to all their favorite spots around the wedding venue to give guests fun stuff to do before and after the wedding. How thoughtful!

De-mystifying Printing (okay, so not completely)

There are two main types of printing: digital and offset. Digital is cheap and fast, process is more expensive but yields higher quality results. All printing is priced based on a few parameters: set-up fee, paper, and finishing (cuting, folding, etc.). The set-up fee can be the most expensive part of a job if you order small quantities (think about why letterpress invitations cost so much). Generally, the more you order the better the buy. Any questions?


15% OFF Coupon

Get 15% OFF your next order when you mention you checked out my blog through 1/31/2011! Please stop by my store at www.icingonthepaper.etsy.com and send in a custom order for whatever you want: invitations, maps, web graphics, business identities ... The designs are always free and you get as many edits as you want BEFORE you pay. :) What have you got to lose?

Free Printable Valentine Postcard

A freebie just for you, it's a printable valentine postcard. Print on cardstock and finish with your finest sentiments and thoughts for your sweethearts. Just print and cut at the crop marks for a 6x4.25 postcard.

Do you like getting free stuff? Send me comments or ideas of useful things I can make and post! Cheers!
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