Digital Files

      Here are a few tips for how to go the most out of your digital files from Icing on the Paper. First, all files are either formatted for 8.5x11 for home printing for formatted to the size of the final printed image for professional printing. Most people need the 8.5x11 option so this is the default for all my file formats unless you ask for something different.  Second, all images are tiled on the 8.5x11 to get the most out of your paper. AND they have crop marks for easy trimming. One last thing, buy good paper! This makes the biggest difference between you loving the end result and just feeling like you got a good deal. I highly recommend all of the Paper Source products. For plain cardstock, try something thicker for that expensive, finished feeling. Here’s a list of crafting supplies you might need to get started: (1) A good paper trimmer, (2) Paper punches, (3) Bone folder, and (4)Spray adhesive. HAPPY CRAFTING!

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